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Importance of Ed Psych Report

When applying for admission to a school for an SEN child, it is essential to have a recent (less than 2 years old) Educational Psychologists’s  Report. Indeed a very high proportion of schools will not even allow you to visit a school without first supplying an ed psych report for them to consider. This is not a defensive mechanism by the school to avoid accepting SEN candidates. All schools will refer applicants to their SENCO because they want to be sure they can provide the learning support required for the particular type of SEN and its severity.

Plainly the quality and comprehensiveness of an ed psych report can make a difference. We see quite a lot of ed psych reports which contain a lot of “padding” with copy and pasted content, long lists of test results, but then a totally inconclusive diagnosis – almost as if the practitioner does not want to be sued for giving a wrong diagnosis.

At the time of writing (2018) a UK ed psych report tends to cost in the region of £500 to £800. If you do not have an adequate current report, speak to us about a referral to an experienced ed psych.

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