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Emotional Behavioural Social Difficulties (BESD)

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Emotional Behavioural Social Difficulties (BESD)

What are Emotional Behavioural Social Difficulties?

BESD or EBD refers to a condition in which behaviour or emotional responses of an individual are so different from generally accepted norms, that they adversely affect that child's learning performance. The term BESD is generally a specific diagnosis where the child displays persistent and severe behavioural abnormality. 

Due to the potential emotional difficulties or disturbance, children with EBD may refuse or unsuccessfully be able to utilise educational opportunities offered to them and are therefore potentially difficult or challenging to manage. A child with BESD receives and processes information differently than a child who does not, and this manifests itself through a variety of symptoms

  • Disruptive, anti-social and aggressive behaviour;
  • Poor peer and family relationships;
  • Hyperactivity, attention and concentration problems;
  • Withdrawal or isolation;
  • Immature social skills.


Children with BESD may suffer from anxiety syndrome, severe stress from life changing events or obsessive compulsive disorder.
Because of the impact of their behaviour on other children and teachers it is more likely that the solution lies with a private specialist SEN school.
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