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The National Curriculum of England and Wales is prescribed by the UK Government and is mandatory for all government maintained mainstream senior schools in England and Wales. It consists of 3 core subjects (English, Maths and Science), plus 8 foundation subjects (History, Geography, Art and Design, Foreign Language, Computing, Design and Technology, Music and Physical Education) with detailed specifications with learning objectives for each subject. There is also a requirement for all schools to teach Religious Education.

Private or Independent schools are not bound to follow the National Curriculum but in general they choose to, supplementing it with other areas of study as they see fit. As a comparison, Private schools generally offer double the amount of curriculum time in musi foreign languages than state schools do, considerably more sport and drama. 

In private specialist SEN schools, the curriculum is as close to the National Curriculum as the school believes that SEN children can accommodate and at the prep stages will focus on English and Maths. In the senior stages the curriculum choices may become more difficult. For children who have learning difficulties in English it is doubly difficult to teach modern languages. As children approach 16 it may be difficult for SEN children to follow A Level curriculums and it is often more suitable for them to try BTECs which are more vocationally oriented. However, there are currently only around 30 private schools offering BTECs .

The main alternative to A Levels is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. However, with 6 mandatory subject groups including maths, English, science and a modern language, it is usually too difficult for SEN children to contemplate.

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