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Admissions for SEN children

How do you apply to a school for an SEN child?

It is recommended that you visit a selection of schools before making up your mind to which you will apply. Bear in mind most schools will want to see the child’s ed psych report and / or EHC Plan, but they will usually request this before agreeing to your visit to be sure they have the resources appropriate to supporting your child’s SEN condition.

SEN schools can be extremely expensive – so ensure you can afford the fees before applying. If you already have an EHC Plan from the Local Education you need to ensure it covers the school’s annual fees. The process of application starts with your completing the school’s registration form and paying a non refundable fee which covers the administrative cost of your application whether you proceed or not.

We often recommend parents apply to 3 or 4 schools simultaneously in which case you will forfeit the total registration fees. They cab be in the range £50 to £250 each.

At younger ages the process usually consists of an interview and taster lessons (for observation. Some schools have their own psychologists to assess your child

For older ages applications to a mainstream school typically involve your child sitting several tests which are described in the following section on admissions tests.

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